Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Water Garden

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About This Fragrance

White Flowers in full bloom add a sweet perfume to the soothing sounds of cool, flowing water in your backyard oasis.

Fragrance information

  • Top Note: Pink Lily, Wild Grass, Curumber Water
    • The first impression. Fast to fade but very memorable.
  • Middle note: Lily of the Valley, Lotus Flower, Orchid
    • ​These notes are the heart of the fragrance and make each scent unique.
  • Bottom note: Birch Bark, Driftwood
    • ​Bottom notes mingle with middle notes to create a long-lasting impression.

About Car Jar Ultimate

Neutralise odors and freshen the air in vehicles and small spaces, such as gym lockers and pet areas, with the new Car Jar Ultimate. Each Car Jar Ultimate provides up to four weeks of continuous fragrance.

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