Yankee Candle Moonlit Blossoms Scenterpiece

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Yankee Candle Moonlit Blossoms roept herinneringen op aan maanverlichte lente avonden terwijl de natuur de lucht vulde met geuren van bloemen en verse bessen.

About Scenterpiece™ Easy MeltCup System

Change scents in seconds! Quick, easy and clean, our innovative Easy MeltCups provide exceptional home fragrance when used in our Scenterpiece™ warmers. Cool to the touch, even while in use, they are available in 27 of our most popular fragrances. You can easily change scents as often as you want without ever touching the wax. Easy MeltCups stack and store easily, too. For use only with Yankee Candle® Scenterpiece™ warmers.

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