Yankee Candle Tea Light Candles Calamansi Cocktail

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About This Fragrance

A drink Designed for sipping in your favourite shaded garden spot, both tantalising and relaxing with hints of tart citrus fruit.

Fragrance information

  • Top Note: Lemon zest, Kumquat
    • The first impression. Fast to fade but very memorable.
  • Middle note: Pepper, Green Mandarin, Grapefruit
    • ​These notes are the heart of the fragrance and make each scent unique.
  • Bottom note: Patchouli Leaves, Blonde Cedar
    • ​Bottom notes mingle with middle notes to create a long-lasting impression.

About Scented Tea Lights

Our smallest candle form, Tea Lights enhance the ambiance of candlelight and add instant impact to any space when used in multiples. The wicks safely extinguish once all the wax has been consumed. A perfect match to our decorative accessories illuminated by this smallest candle.

Choise for Quality

  • Wax: Premium-grade paraffin wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn.
  • Scent: Premium quality ingredients with natural essential oils create distinctive true-to-life scents.
  • Wick: Lead-free, 100% natural fibers, and hand straightened to ensure it is centered for the best burn possible.
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